Monday, July 22, 2019
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Warsaw University of Technology (PAE) - Warsaw University of Technology (PAE)

Warsaw University of Technology (PAE)
Nowowiejska 24
WarszawaWarszawa 00-665 PL

(+4822 234 7354 - Local Phone
(+4822 625 7351 - Fax

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The Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering was established in 1960 by joining the former Faculties of Aeronautics and Mechanical Design. The purpose of the fusion was to create a department offering education in the most important branches of engineering, as one can say, producing a catalyst by a technical progress. The Faculty, in view of both, the intellectual capacity as well as its experimental background, is perfectly suited to become the research centre for aeronautical sciences as well as power and heat transfer technology in Poland, providing a forum for interesting meetings, seminars and even ‘brain storming” sessions. With such variety of interfering fields of science like aerospace technology, power engineering, robotics, ecological technology for energy transfer, biomechanics and robotics, being explored and developed at the same place, the Faculty offers excellent prospects stimulating scientific progress as well.



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