Monday, July 22, 2019
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Sicma Aero Seat - Sicma Aero Seat

2525 West Casino Road
Suite 7A-C
EverettWA 98204

(425212-3806 - Local Phone
(425212-3800 - Fax

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Weekdays 8 A.M. - 5 P.M.

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SICMA Aero Seat plays a major role in the steady growth of the air transport industry, supplying quality seating products to airlines around the world. Today, we have earned the confidence of over one hundred airlines.
Today, our company counts among its customers, numerous international companies and aircraft manufacturers.

To stay always different from the other, each airline companies is searching innovation, comfort and service improvement. Space, weight, ergonomic, features and design are major criteria for these companies.

To answer their demand, Sicma Aero Seat proposes a large and various range of customizable, flexible and innovative seats. Every style of seats can integrate different IFE (In Flight Entertainment) equipment.
Today, SICMA Aero Seat is one of the world leaders in the airline industry with a long history in the manufacturing of aircraft passenger seats. Our first seats were delivered in the 60.

Since then, we have established a strong reputation for commercial integrity, and secured a leading position in our field thanks to continued efforts toward advanced technology, and the high quality of our manufacturing.

Our valued and increasing numbers of customers widely recognize and acknowledge the quality of our products.

Most of our seat models are designed in close cooperation with our customers, and carefully tailored to their needs, to meet unique and specific requests.

Passenger seats intended for the economy class possess sometimes more complex and simple options, according to the type of flight (medium or long haul).

Passenger seats of business classes and first class
are different by their quality, size, kinematics, comfort, numerous options and cabin integration according to the type of plane (medium or long mail).

Crew seats
(pilot, co-pilot, hostess) and helicopters seats (pilots and passengers).
SICMA (Industrial and Commercial Society of Aeronautical) was founded on October 19th, 1944 by Mr. Robert Georges Maréchal. The company began its activities with tank assembly and upholstery of planes wings (Dassault).

In the 60s, SICMA sets up an assembly line for cabins Alouette (military helicopter), and works then in subcontracting on plans of the Mirage III from 1959 till 1984. The company also creates metal and plastic skis workshop then water-skiing, all known under the brand “SIM’S“ during more than a decade (brand with which JC KILLY walked away with 3 gold medals during the 1968 winter Olympic Games).

Up to the 70s, SICMA turns gradually to a specialization in the aeronautics as subcontractor. It makes passenger and pilot seats for Bloch (that will become Dassault Aviation), banisters luggage rack, rest post for crews and other cabin development for Air France and Lufthansa.
With the new airliners marketing such as Caravelle (1st airliner with short and medium haul), Douglas DC 9 then Concorde, SICMA is getting specialized in conception and manufacturing passenger seats.
In 1971, SICMA changes its corporate name and becomes Sicma Aero Seat. With this new identification, it takes place as specialist among the most important seats manufacturers in the world.

In 1977, Sicma Aero Seat opens its first subsidiary in the USA: SICMA AMERICA, to get closer to the American market and notably to the aircraft manufacturer: Boeing.

In the 80s, the production explodes and the exports market expands considerably. Sicma Aero Seat concretizes its positioning on passenger seats market and manages its production towards upscale seats.

In 1987, the company opens a new unit for crew seats manufacturing (hostess, pilot…) "rue de Verdun" at Issoudun.
In 1993, Sicma Aero Seat joins ZODIAC, world number 1 in the aeronautical domain. It keeps improving its productive potential by employing more staff, by investing in new equipments (fire test lab, dynamic static and cyclic test bench) and by installing new premises at "La Limoise”.
In the 2000s, Sicma Aero Seat gathers many sectors such as R*D, assembly, bench test, quality to allow a higher flexibility and facing their products evolution. It invests in a new manufacturing equipment such as FMS "Flexible Manufacturing System": machines with digital controls which integrate all the last technologies for the high speed machining “UGV ".

In 2001, the company opens a subsidiary in the Middle East, in Dubai, baptized Sicma Aero Seat MIDDLE EAST.

In 2004, the headquarters joins the site of "La Limoise". Sicma Aero Seat is composed by 5 facilities among then 4 in Issoudun.

In 2005, Sicma Aero Services sets up numerous support centers are implemented around the world: Germany, Brazil, China, the United Arab Emirates, the USA…
In 2006, Sicma Aero Seat obtains certifications EN 9100.

In 2007, a new production unit it established in Tunisia, today specialized in thermoforming, sewing and sheet metal working.
In October, SICMA be present on the first A380 commercial flight with F/C seat made for Singapore Airlines.
In 2008, ZODIAC changes its name to: ZODIAC AEROSPACE. In October, SICMA becomes a society on "seat" branch on the "cabin interior" segment of Zodiac Aerospace group.
Sicma Aero Seat obtains certification ISO 14001, which concerns our environmental politic.

In 2010
, SOMECO, subcontractor dressing merges with SICMA.

Alouette (military helicopter), Mirage III, SIM’S, Bloch (that will become Dassault Aviation), Air France, Lufthansa, Caravelle (1st airliner with short and medium haul), Douglas DC 9, Concorde, Continental Airlines, Avianca. 
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Business Class Seats
Economy Class Seats
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Aircraft Interior, Coach Seats, First Class Seats, Economy Seats, Business Class Seats, Airplane Interior, Boeing Interiors, Airbus Interiors.



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